(Jazz, Blues, Funk) James Brown 24 Albums — 2007, MP3, 192 kbps

James Brown 24 Allbums

Жанр: Jazz, Blues, Funk
Год выпуска: 2007
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps
01-Please Please Please
03-Hold My Baby’s Hand
04-I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
05-Just Won’t Do Right
06-Baby Cries Over The Ocean
07-I Don’t Know
08-Tell Me What I Did Wrong
09-Try Me
10-That Dood It
11-Begging Begging
12-I Walked Alone
13-No No No No
14-That’s When I Lost My Heart
15-Let’s Make It
16-Love Or A Game

02-Good Good Lovin’
03-Wonder When You’re Coming Home
04-I’ll Go Crazy
05-This Old Heart
06-I Know It’s True
08-I’ll Never Never Let You Go
09-You’ve Got The Power
10-If You Want Me
11-Baby You’re Right
12-So Long

01-Out Of Sight
02-Come Rain Or Come Shine
03-Good Rockin’ Tonight
04-Till Then
05-Nature Boy
06-I Wanna Be Around
07-I Got You
08-Maybe The Last Time
09-Mona Lisa
10-I Love You Porgy
11-Only You
12-Somethin’ Else

01-Papas Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1)
02-Papas Got A Brand New Bag (Part 2)
03-Oh Baby Dont You Weep
04-Try Me
06-Out Of Sight
07-Maybe The Last Time
08-Every Beat Of My Heart
09-Hold It
10-A Song For My Father (Part 1)
11-A Song For My Father (Part 2)01-The Scratch
02-It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
04-Is It Yes Or Is It No
05-Ain’t That A Groove (Part 1)
06-The Bells
07-Ain’t That A Groove (Part 2)
08-Come Over Here
09-In The Wee Wee Hours (Of The Nite)
10-I Don’t Mind
11-Just You Me Darling
12-I Love You Yes I Do

01-Cold Sweat (Part 1)
02-Cold Sweat (Part 2)
04-Kansas City
05-Stagger Lee
06-Good Rockin’ Tonight
07-Mona Lisa
08-I Want To Be Around
09-Nature Boy
10-Come Rain Or Come Shine
11-I Loves You Porgy
12-Back Stabbin

01-Bring It Up
02-Don’t Be A Dropout
03-Till Then
04-Tell Me That You Love Me
05-Yours And Mine
06-Money Won’t Change You Part 1
07-Money Won’t Change You Part 2
08-Only You
09-Let Yourself Go
10-The Nearness Of You
11-Nobody Knows
12-Stone Fox

01-I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (Part 1)
02-There Was A Time
03-Get It Together (Part 1)
04-Baby Baby Baby
05-Time After Time
06-The Soul Of JB (Instrumental)
07-I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (Part 2)
08-Get It Together (Part 2)
09-When Did You Take Your Love Away From Me
10-Need Your Love So Bad
11-You’ve Got To Change Your Mind
12-Funky Soul 1

01-I Got The Feelin
02-Maybe I’ll Understand (Part 1)
03-You’ve Got The Power
04-Maybe Good Maybe Bad (Part 1)
05-Shhhhhhh (For A Little While)
06-Just Plain Funk
07-If I Ruled The World
08-Maybe I’ll Undertsand (Part 2)
09-Stone Fox
10-It Won’t Be Me
11-Maybe Good Maybe Bad (Part 2)
12-Here I Go

02-Think (Vocal Duett With Mara Withney)
03-I Want To Be Around (Violin Sylvia Medford)
05-That’s Live (Violin Sylvia Medford)
06-Kansas City
07-Let Yourself Go
08-There Was A Time
09-I Feel All Right
10-Cold Sweat

01-It May Be The Last Time
02-I Feel Good (I Got You)
03-Prisoner Of Love
04-Out Of Sight
05-Try Me
06-Bring It Up
07-It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
08-Lost Someone (Medley)
09-Please Please Please

02-Thats Life
03-Strangers In The Night
04-Willow Weep For Me
05-Cold Sweat
06-There Was A Time
08-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
09-Time After Time
10-All The Way
11-It Had To Be You

01-Mother Popcorn (Part 1)
02-Mother Popcorn (Part 2)
03-Mashed Potato Popcorn (Part 1)
04-Mashed Potato Popcorn (Part 2)
05-Im Shook
06-Popcorn With A Feeling (Instrumental)
07-The Little Groove Maker Me (Parts 1 And 2)
08-Any Day Now
09-If I Ruled The World
10-You’re Still Out Of Sight
11-Top Of The Stack (Instrumental)

01-Say It Loud-I’m Black And I’m Proud
02-I Guess I’ll Have To Cry
03-Goodbye My Love (Parts 1

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